What Inspires My Writing and Speaking

Growing up in Western Wisconsin I spent summers tracking morel mushrooms and purple vetch. With a bucket of water and a Peterson Bird Guide in my back pocket, I counted Sandhill cranes and rode horseback from dawn until dusk. And I still do!

I’ll Deliver A Message for You that Fosters Wellbeing and Being Well
Today, those country roads of my childhood serve as inspiration for all that I write and share with audiences. Whether it’s books, theology, food, or humor, it all begins with a sense of place and a love of the land. Excitement, ambition, and a thousand lofty goals elevate us occasionally, but they never replace the joy of galloping through a field of alfalfa, sharing a meal with a friend, or holding the hand of someone who is alone.

Why this Matters

What I’ve learned is the meaning of our days lies behind the ordinary. It speaks in quiet, earthy tones not as high drama. These powerful images flavor my writing, teaching, and call to inspire others. They also serve as a source of great joy.

A Few Favorite Audiences

The audience list is pretty eclectic, and includes business and non-profit leaders, health care professionals, recovering communities, enterprising women’s groups, and hospice care professionals. Topics feature everything from inspiration and mindfulness, to humor and wellbeing. Recently I spoke to a group of health care providers and another of community members on the healing qualities of Joy. The presentations, sponsored by Elim Health, were hosted by Theresa Henson (left) of Park View Care Center, Buffalo, Minnesota, and Kim Bremer, of Guardian Angels Home Care and Hospice. Thank you both for providing such an engaged and hospitable audience!

Other clients include:

Chautauqua Institution Summer Program http://chq.org

Minnesota Network of Hospice and Palliative Care https://binged.it/2MHQCxj

The Transition Network https://www.thetransitionnetwork.org/

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Renewal Center

Twin Cities Parish Nurse Ministry

SHIFTonline.org, Navigating midlife transitions

Augsburg College Conference on Mind Body Medicine

Stoneridge Equestrian, Horse crazy women

VolumeOne Culture and Entertainment in the Chippewa Valley


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don't postpone joy

Celebration implies music, dancing and laughter – entertainments that help us temporarily forget life’s challenges. A more complete perspective says celebration includes the acceptance of life’s wholeness and an awareness of its preciousness. Celebration lives where fear and love, joy and sorrow, and tears and smiles can coexist with a vibrant measure of harmony and joy.

Joy is about accepting with gratitude, who I am—my authentic self; why I am—how I became this self; and how I am—how I choose to experience life going forward.

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