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Send me your ideas or opportunities for us to collaborate. I’ll deliver an uplifting keynote, or an enlightening workshop designed to help heal emotionally exhausted employees, including health care professionals. Our work together promises to spark imaginations, encourage self-reflection and foster  self awareness — qualities that ignite one’s potential for well being and being well.

Together let’s travel a new road. We can make it fun. We can make it a discovery process that enables participants to see new richness and meaning in their daily lives and work.

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It’s easiest to reach me at mary@desire-to-inspire.net for more information regarding speaking engagements or special events. Please complete the form below.

I’ll provide references, and co-create a training or speaking engagement that best suits your culture and goals.

Don't postpone joy

Celebration implies music, dancing and laughter – entertainments that help us temporarily forget life’s challenges. A more complete perspective says celebration includes the acceptance of life’s wholeness and an awareness of its preciousness. Celebration lives where fear and love, joy and sorrow, and tears and smiles can coexist with a vibrant measure of harmony and joy.

Joy is about accepting with gratitude, who I am—my authentic self; why I am—how I became this self; and how I am—how I choose to experience life going forward.

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