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You will laugh and cry over moving accounts of real people discovering happiness and authenticity in unexpected places.

mary-signing-booksPromise in Plan B, What we bring to the next chapter in our lives


Life offers us lots of choices. We construct a plan—our Plan A, but reality is never that simple. We encounter triumphs, dead ends, and do-overs. The Promise in Plan B embraces all of these and then triumphs.

Amazon Review: Mary Farr has put together another winner and quietly hit the ball out of the park. All of us continuously evolve throughout our lives and hopefully become better people more comfortable in our own skin. Through her vocation as a chaplain and scholar of human behavior, Mary has collected meaningful stories of people in crisis and transition. She then presents these stories to her readers as guidelines for creating their own “Plan B.”Any of us can relate to what she has to say about “moving on” with our life even when we are startled by the speed bumps along our trail.

Thomas A. Palesch

Never Say Neigh, An adventure in fun, funny, and the power of “Yes”

neverSayNeighJoin this joyful account of a horse and his “business partner” celebrating their life together. Madam and Noah’s
uplifting message weaves charming stories that fill each chapter with inspiration and laughter. You don’t have to own a horse to enjoy this book for all ages and stages of life. Welcome aboard Never Say Neigh.

Amazon Review: Consider taking time from your busy life to move into the ‘horse reality’! It can remove all the negativity of the day and give you reason not only to sleep well but also to look forward to the next day. Shifting our perspective ultimately can shift our life. If that’s something you need right now, buy this book. Oh, and then, read it!

Roberta Joern

If I Could Mend Your Heart

A small book with a big message, If I Could Mend Your Heart shares how we can show up and support one another in times of loss and sorrow. Images from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area transport readers to a small quiet walk filled with authentic words of inspiration and loving kindness.

“I want this book to be a meaningful gift when no words can completely express our care and concern,” says the author. “One does not need to be a hospital chaplain to know that each of us is invited to walk one another home when the night looks and feels very dark.”

Don't postpone joy

Celebration implies music, dancing and laughter – entertainments that help us temporarily forget life’s challenges. A more complete perspective says celebration includes the acceptance of life’s wholeness and an awareness of its preciousness. Celebration lives where fear and love, joy and sorrow, and tears and smiles can coexist with a vibrant measure of harmony and joy.

Joy is about accepting with gratitude, who I am—my authentic self; why I am—how I became this self; and how I am—how I choose to experience life going forward.

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