Don’t postpone joy…

It sounds like a worthy goal, but what does joy mean?

What does it look like following a catastrophic global event such as the Covid-19 pandemic? And how does joy differ from happiness? From pleasure?

This website features a wide-ranging conversation about joy… a conversation that reaches beyond conventional definitions of joy. Guests can expect to find a host of personal stories, blogs, current research, and practical tools to help build or rebuild an enduring sense of joy in their lives. This is about an expansive process of making peace with:

  • Who we are – What qualities make up our authentic self?
  • Why we are – How did we become this self?
  • And how we are – How will we choose to experience life going forward

I invite you to take a fresh look at joy, and grow into to a transforming experience of wonder and peace.

Who am I to offer advice on joy?

A longtime hospital chaplain and health care leader who has been writing and teaching about health, wellness and being well for more than thirty years. My experience and professional training tell me that joy is far more than a high point or single event. It embodies a range of experiences and passages that shape us through pleasure, achievements, doubt, and even great loss.

Outstanding in the Field

mealNot long ago my daughter and I shared a deeply moving experience that took place at an extraordinary site… a field of sunflowers.

Founded by Jim Denevan, “Outstanding in the Field” consists of a traveling farm tour and presentation about sustainable agriculture, followed by a meal prepared by a local chef. These events take place throughout the country. Each consists of a single gathering, and an offering of grateful appreciation.

Rather than source ingredients for an award-winning restaurant, they bring the restaurant to the source. Wine, dinner and conversation are served family style to a group of complete strangers. The point of all this is connecting diners to the origins of their food, while celebrating the hands that feed them—the farmers, chefs, cheese makers, and growers of all kinds.

It proved to be a joyful salute to human connection. We gathered at a long table to share the most fundamental and universal human conversation: a meal. Outstanding in the Field captured my imagination. Especially the long table. This prompted me to create a website, a place where together we will be setting the table for the future, and dare I say a long and joyful future.

Get inspired. Celebrate large and small. Laugh out loud. Make friends with joy!

Living a joyful life does not require mystical thinking. It’s about looking at the whole of our lives through a different lens—a lens that shows us our time on this earth is far more than a punishing set of obstacles. Each of us possesses the tools and assets to build more joy into life. Together, let’s use those tools to create a path toward more meaning and peace.

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Don't postpone joy

Celebration implies music, dancing and laughter – entertainments that help us temporarily forget life’s challenges. A more complete perspective says celebration includes the acceptance of life’s wholeness and an awareness of its preciousness. Celebration lives where fear and love, joy and sorrow, and tears and smiles can coexist with a vibrant measure of harmony and joy.

Joy is about accepting with gratitude, who I am—my authentic self; why I am—how I became this self; and how I am—how I choose to experience life going forward.

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