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    Spring Ascending

    One starless night in early spring my friend Emma and I drove off into the darkness to count migrating Sandhill Cranes We were taking part in an annual event sponsored by the National Audubon Society. The outing involved groups of enthusiastic bird watchers setting out […]

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    The Real Meaning of Deer Hunting… Friendship

    One thing I’ve learned about riding horseback during deer hunting season: never underestimate the value of a cowbell around your horse’s neck. I’m referring to that time of year when every buck stalker in possession of a Cabela’s credit card slips into blaze orange and […]

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    The Art of Healing Relationships

    You could call it spring fever, or just a perfect season to climb on a horse and head for the Western Wisconsin hills. My friend Nettie and I recently enjoyed a springtime jaunt on our mares CC and Nicky. Between fields of newly planted corn […]

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