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    How We Heal

    Last week my friend Cynthia died. An internal medicine physician who diagnosed her own ALS, Cynthia spent an entire career caring for underserved and overlooked individuals and families. A doctor of exceptional clinical skills, she owned another gift – a capacity to heal as well […]

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    The Real Meaning of Deer Hunting… Friendship

    One thing I’ve learned about riding horseback during deer hunting season: never underestimate the value of a cowbell around your horse’s neck. I’m referring to that time of year when every buck stalker in possession of a Cabela’s credit card slips into blaze orange and […]

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    The Halloween Horror Campaign

    (Note) Many of you will recall a couple of years ago I published a book titled Never Say Neigh. It featured my horse Noah Vail’s take on fun, funny, and some insightful details surrounding the human condition. Given the current season and tone of said […]

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    Surprised by My Mother’s Diary

    A recent fall nesting impulse found me mining beef stew recipes Sifting through an old Victorian secretary that sat in my living room, I met with an unusual surprise. The secretary, chock-full of my mother’s personal correspondence, had stood undisturbed for several years following her […]

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    Noodling a New Book Marketing Plan

    It’s time for me to face the facts. Instead of aging with grace and panache as I had planned, I seem to be simply disappearing. Invisible. Out of site. Past tense. Not that anyone would call me quiet or easy to miss. To the contrary, […]

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    Meet Mary’s New Book, If I Could Mend Your Heart, a small quiet walk toward healing

    Life offers plenty of rewards, adventures and opportunities. It also presents us with setbacks and challenges. Eventually, we all must come to terms with loss. In a new edition of her acclaimed book, If I Could Mend Your Heart (Shorehouse Books, 2017), St. Paul author […]

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    The Perils of Canine Agility Training

    Olly Takes a Face Plant This week my friend Stephanie sent me a video of Olly, a Jack Russell terrier who recently became an instant celebrity after face planting at the Crufts 2017 Agility Trials. An incident that many viewed as comical and even heroic […]

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    Six Steps to Operating a Drone

    My friend Nettie got a drone for her birthday. Unlike those high-tech models capable of photographing the origin of black holes, this one looked like something my brother once built in shop class. It did, however, possess a whimsical personality. So, Nettie’s husband John and […]

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    Night of the Wild Ones

    I’ve been gardening a lot this spring. In fact, Memorial Day marked my planting finale and official launch of hand-to-hand combat with local squirrels. This is not a new development. For years, I’ve planted begonias one day only to find them exhumed the next. Show […]

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    The Art of Healing Relationships

    You could call it spring fever, or just a perfect season to climb on a horse and head for the Western Wisconsin hills. My friend Nettie and I recently enjoyed a springtime jaunt on our mares CC and Nicky. Between fields of newly planted corn […]

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