For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes!--- Dag Hammarskjold

Welcome Guests

Let me tell you who I am:

A longtime pediatric hospital chaplain and health care leader who speaks from years of experience fostering healing, hope, happiness and humor. And sometimes I even get to bless fox hunting hounds and riders at the beginning of the fall hunt. No worries though, they only hunt a “stinky,” or dragged scent and, frankly, the hounds think that’s just fabulous.

Meanwhile, the lovely little fox is always safe!

Get inspired

  • Explore life as a series of interruptions that anticipate  thoughtful attention
  • Encourage examining your beliefs and personal assets
  • Guide you toward a rewarding and meaningful “Plan B”
  • Enjoy heartfelt stories, creative ideas, and practical resources
  • Become a light that lights up the darkness.

“Life offers us plenty of opportunities. It also tests us with setbacks, dead ends, hellos and goodbyes. The ultimate goal is to ground ourselves in continuity and meaning.”  

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 Additional information about me

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, I completed my divinity studies in the Episcopal Diocese of Eau Claire where I was ordained to the permanent diaconate in 1983.

Then earned a Master of Arts degree in Theology from St. Catherine University and post-graduate training from: Poynter Institute of Journalism; Uniprise Leadership Academy (United Health Group), United Hospital and Children’s Hospitals Minnesota medical ethics committee member; Harvard School of Mind Body Medicine; Harvard School of Spirituality and Healing; Hospital-based Critical Incident Stress Management; Cultural Competency in the Health Care Setting.