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Take an extraordinary journey toward success … Not success as a destination but as an inner process toward worthy goals. Discover the power of a heartfelt adventure that expands your creativity, compassion and generosity of heart.

What Does a Successful Life

Mean To You?


We live in difficult times with no shortage of bad news and uninvited events. Yet even difficult times can’t take away our capacity to hope — to listen, learn, laugh, and be transformed. This kind of hope enables us to grow in exciting and unexpected ways.

Get inspired. Embrace your gifts. Celebrate large and small. Laugh out loud. Make friends with joy!

All the wealth, privilege, and therapy money can buy does not guarantee life’s smooth passages. Some of us navigate the bumps effortlessly without drama. Others cave in to despair. Most of us land somewhere between high anxiety and cautious optimism. Let’s build a path toward meaning and purpose.

Check out my newest Book!

It’s a family partnership… If I Could Mend Your Heart, Shorehouse Books.

The text comes straight from the heart. My niece, Hannah Farr’s charming illustrations say it all. And it’s all about life’s interruptions – the losses, the endings, the upheavals, and the capacity to trust the future. This little book also packs a big message about how we show up and support one another in our troubles. Readers find themselves on a small quiet walk filled with insight and light.

It’s a perfect gift when no words can completely express our care and concern. A gift for a friend or one to keep on your nightstand, If I Could Mend Your Heart promises that sunrise truly does follow midnight. Check it out on Amazon,


Loved Chautauqua

It was exciting! Father Richard Rohr captured us with his deep theological insights, wisdom, and joyful appreciation of each day. And then he patiently endured photo ops with nearly everyone!  Chautauqua has always rated at the top of our  list of favorite destinations, and this year was no exception. My class, “Don’t Postpone Joy.” covered the subject of joy, as more than a high point or single event. Instead, it embodies a range of experiences and passages that shape us through pleasure, achievements, doubt, and even loss. A full class of participants from throughout the United States  and Canada made it a perfect week– a week, that I trust opened hearts to a transforming  experience of expansion and peace.

And I’m thrilled to announce that my next book, of the same title, Don’t Postpone Joy, will be released summer, 2020.



Even the pets enjoy porch sitting at Chautauqua. It’s a hospitable wave of dogs, cats, kids, bicycles, and front yard picnics.



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